3 great reasons to choose a responsive theme

The term “Responsive Web Design” (RWD) refers to websites that can automatically shape to different devices. These websites adjust to fit the varying screen sizes of smartphones, tablets, netbooks and desktops, reducing the user’s need to resize or scroll page contents and immediately find what they are looking for .

responsive image

Is mobile web such a big deal?

Only few years ago a smartphone was considered a luxury item that only a few can afford. But now, with the implementation of faster mobile communication technologies such as 4G and entry level smartphones’ price drop, it became a compulsory item in our everyday life. In just a few steps, users can get the information they need wherever they are.

The latest Google Mobile Planet Smartphone Research shows that 84% of smartphone owners in the UK look for local information on their device every day1 showing a relevant increase of ownership from last year (+17%).

Why choosing a responsive website?

  1. One theme to rule them all: instead of having a separate mobile site you use the same website and theme gaining in maintainability and scalability;
  2. Better conversions: the time that a mobile user will spend on your pages is lower than the desktop users, you need to give them what they want quickly or they’ll switch to an other website;
  3. Gain more visibility: old-style websites (not designed for smartphones) lie at the bottom of the Google SERP chart.

Are you now convinced to join the Responsive side?