ColorTrace – Responsive Magento theme

Last year, in a cold and foggy Autumn, we decided to set a new goal for our future projects. The challange was simple:  put together a bunch of young delevopers to create our first custom made Magento theme. We have spent hours coding and queuing at the coffee machine but finally on 6th November we released “Silhouette”: a stylish responsive theme especially suitable for fashion, clothes, home decor and appliance stores.


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As we care about you guys (yes, we are talking about you, obsessed e-commerce addicts), in the last months we ‘ve put effort and dedication to go beyond our limits and release the ultimate e-commerce Magento Theme.

Our new creation is called “ColorTrace”: a new responsive theme which enables you to broaden the customization’s horizons of Magento’s frontend appereance, thanks to the powerful and improved control panel. ColorTrace installs with one click and it features 6 different presets that will allow you to quickly create your e-commerce website and start selling your products in no time.


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But if Magento has no secrets for you and you have always dreamed about a totally customizable theme, well you will have to discover ColorTrace. ColorTrace’s Design Panel is created to mix infinite fonts and color combination allowing you to generate unlimited e-commerce websites.

If you are working for a web agency or you are simply a freelancer, ColorTrace is what you have been always looking for: forget about dozen of XMLs, PHP and CSS files, several extension to install and all the conflicts among them.

Choose to be simple and powerful at the same time.


ColorTrace: beyond the definition of a theme