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iMagic App released today

Last week has been quite busy for our Android and iOS developers as we wanted to improve our popular iMagic extension for Magento and decided to build a related app.

As our mission is “make accessible products to improve website’s owners and users experience on the web”, we believed that allowing people to easily manage e-commerce products’ images from a mobile device would have been a great step towards time and money saving.

From today, October 20th, iMagic app is available for free on Google Play Store and iOS Store.

With iMagic app you can easily manage all the products on your e-commerce store. Quickly add images to them by taking a quick shot with your mobile camera or browsing your photo gallery.
Imagic provides you a grid view of all your products (you can filter them to show only products without an image): from here, you can easily manage your products’ images by adding new ones or by removing the existing ones.


How to start using it

If you are already using the iMagic extension for Magento, simply download iMagic for free on Google Play or iTunes Store and, once installed, pair your device using the QR provided on the site panel and follow the following steps.

If you are new to iMagic try the free demo on our website and start boosting your sales with high quality images!